I created this website to document my experiences as a newbie to the Paleo diet. I found myself feeling ill after eating certain foods. A bowl of pasta or a few slices of bread would send me into a near coma like state (aka I could fall fast asleep even if it was barely the afternoon!) It wasn't pretty. After years of getting allergy tests to trying every fad diet under the sun, the turning point came when I stumbled upon the Paleo diet. Hallelujah! I finally found something that I could see results with are worked for me. I had new found energy levels, I felt better in myself and I lost a few lbs along the way.

I'm an advocate of whole foods and unprocessed ingredients, but I tend to do the 80/20 approach to the Paleo diet. 20% of the time I will simply eat 'clean' but not strictly Paleo and of course I'll throw in the odd treat. It's all about finding what works for you.

To save you time and confusion I have put together a few tried and tested delish recipes, some helpful tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Whether you're trying out the Paleo diet for weight loss or are adopting it as a lifestyle change, I hope you find this website useful on your journey.

If you have any suggestions, tips or things you would like to see on the site leave me a comment or send me an email on the contact page.


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Disclaimer- The information on this website is based on my own research and experience. Please consult your doctor before making a lifestyle or diet change.