LIDL Paleo Shopping list

Most of the essentials on the food lists you can get anywhere but I have picked out a few of my Paleo friendly favorites from each supermarket and first up is Lidl.


One of my favorite things about Lidl is that it has a great selection of low cost nuts. That means they're ideal to purchase the items you need to make desserts, snacks and general sweet things. They also have a decent selection of herbs & spices as per the cayenne pepper and cinnamon in the picture.

How much are we talkin?


Walnuts €3.50

Whole almonds €1.89

Ground almonds €1.59

Vanilla extract €.075

Cinnamon powder €0.89

Cayenne pepper €0.89

Baking powder €1.05

Bicarbonate of soda €1.05

Desiccated coconut €0.99

TOTAL: 16.50