Tesco Paleo Shopping List

Next up for our cheap and cheerful food shopping option, is Tesco. Here are a few recent staples I picked up.  I've heard good things about the Fry Light spray that also comes in a Coconut oil version. It's only 1 calories per spray and was just 2euro. Chia seeds are by and large very expensive, but I picked these up for less than 2euro! Agave nectar is another one that is a little bit more expensive but I picked this up for 3.65euro!  They were actually all a steal, so I'll list the prices below. (The meridan almond butter was only marginally cheaper. This is just expensive in general). I use all of the below in a lot of my recipes so it's handy finding good value options. They're not something you'll need to buy every week so it's really good value.




How much are we talkin?


Unsweetened almond milk €1.79

Extra dark chocolate €2.29

Agave nectar €3.65

Fry light extra virgin olive oil €2.99

Chia seeds €1.75

Azera americano coffee €2.94

Almond butter €4.89

TOTAL: €20.30